Articles from February 2020

Display WordPress posts outside of WordPress

WordPress can make for a great CMS, but sometimes it’s not always feasible or practical to use it for your entire site. One common scenario is to use WordPress for a blog that runs along side a site built with a completely different technology. However, a problem arises in this situation: What if you want to display blog posts on your non-WordPress site? For example let’s, consider the following assumptions: You have a website built upon some sort of PHP stack. E.g CodeIgiter, CakePHP, Zend, whatever… It doesn’t really matter as long as it’s some sort of PHP website. You have a WordPress Blog in a separate /blog subdirectory of your website You want to display blog posts from the WordPress on the non-wordpress portion of your website. Maybe a “latests posts” section on the site, or something along those lines. So, then, how do you get WordPress posts to