What Is a Pillar Page? And Why You Need to Add it In SEO Strategy

Every time anyone thinks that they fully understand SEO something changes and there is something new to grasp and understand. However, it isn’t going to be easy to ever fully understand this type of search because the algorithms are complex and they are forever changing. The behavior of humans is also evolving, which means that the technology that is used is changing too, which includes pillar pages. Keep reading to learn more about pillar pages and why they are going to be important for your SEO strategy.

What Exactly is a Pillar Page?

The first thing that you are going to need to understand is what exactly a pillar page is and this isn’t a new concept. Marketers have been saying since 2006 that more foundational, valuable and longer content is the way to go when helping customers get the answers that they need and want. Simply put the pillar page is a long style content piece that has details and information regarding the main topics and that links out to other information that is useful and relevant.

You are going to have a topic cluster, which is built around the pillar page and it would cover a specific topic that is related to your business, products and even services. This is going to be the page where all of the basic and frequently asked questions would be fully answered and it should have everything that anyone might want to know. By creating these pages that answer the questions that most viewers would have, then the search engines are going to see that the content you are putting up is the most informative and relevant.

You also want to think about how this type of page is different from your regular blog post or web page. First off, this type of content is often a lot longer than any of the average blogs or website pages and it also has a table of contents or even chapters that make navigation easier. If you are going to be creating a pillar page you want to ensure that the topic would be able to have some 20 to 30 posts. These posts are going to be linked and should answer some main questions, including the basics of why, where, when, what, who and even how regarding the topic while staying relevant.

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