Articles from January 2020

How To Do Facebook Lead Ads: A Step by Step Guide?

Facebook boasts of more than 2.45 billion monthly active users, making it one of the largest audiences on any social media platform. A few years ago, Facebook Lead Ads were introduced to help advertisers market to these users. Despite the profitability, few people are using Facebook Lead Ads integration appropriately. Among all of the ways to integrate social media marketing, Facebook provides the most reach and the best opportunities. The key is ensuring that you set up the campaigns correctly and target the right audience. That’s why we will review what the Facebook Lead Ads are, talk about why you need them and show you how to set up a campaign. What are Facebook Lead Ads? This tool was designed to collect leads. You effectively gather prospect information from a variety of desktop or mobile ads. When a person clicks on the target ad, they see a pop-up window appear with

What Is a Pillar Page? And Why You Need to Add it In SEO Strategy

Every time anyone thinks that they fully understand SEO something changes and there is something new to grasp and understand. However, it isn’t going to be easy to ever fully understand this type of search because the algorithms are complex and they are forever changing. The behavior of humans is also evolving, which means that the technology that is used is changing too, which includes pillar pages. Keep reading to learn more about pillar pages and why they are going to be important for your SEO strategy. What Exactly is a Pillar Page? The first thing that you are going to need to understand is what exactly a pillar page is and this isn’t a new concept. Marketers have been saying since 2006 that more foundational, valuable and longer content is the way to go when helping customers get the answers that they need and want. Simply put the pillar page